Dolls Pre-Order

April Pre-order: from 11th to the 18th

If you would like to adopt Alice or/and Moriko during this pre-order please send an email from the 11th to the 18th of April to: clockwork.faery.sales@gmail.com, specifying:

- The doll sculpture, color and other options and item(s) you would like to purchase (the items are optional)

- Shipping address, full name and phone number

- Your Paypal e-mail

- Quantity

- If you would like to pay in full or by layaway, 

if you would like layaway please let

me know if by 3 or 4 months.

Options & Prices:
  • Alice: $350 USD
  • Moriko: $350 USD
  • Face-up: $60 USD
  • Antlers Blushing: $10 USD
  • Deer Ears blush: $10 USD
  • Hand & feet blushing: $30
  • Glass eyes: $20 USD
  • Wig: $20~40 USD
Beautiful default face-up option for Alice by Puppet Tales
Beautiful default face-up option for Moriko by Puppet Tales
Resin Color options available for this pre-order: Coconut, Vanilla & Caramel 
Other items shown in the pictures that can be ordered:
Hair bow $5, Shoes $22~25, synthetic curly wig $20, glass eyes $20
You can also check my etsy shop for more items and options too: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClockworkFaeryCo
*Please let me know in the email which items you would like
For this pre-order there is a special clothes collaboration with Little Drops of Rain:
  • the red or blue coat set (coat + bloomers): $45 USD 
  • Alice pastel blue dress set (Dress + necklace ribbon + petticoat + socks): $50 USD 
*Please see pictures for reference