How can I buy a BJDolls you make?
The dolls are sold during pre-orders that happen once every 3 months or so. Sometimes there are also in-stock sales of the dolls in between pre-orders. During the pre-order period the dolls can be ordered by e-mail: clockwork.faery.sales@gmail.com. Please specify:

- The doll sculpture and other item(s) you would like to purchase

- Shipping address and phone number

- Your Paypal e-mail

- Quantity

How much do they cost?
The little Sprites (blank dolls) cost $350 USD and the Faeries  (blank dolls) cost $450 USD. Face-up (face painted) range from $50 to $100 USD depending on the face-up artist. Body blushing costs from $60 (Sprites) to $80 (Faeries). Other options and items are also available in the shop, like eyes, wigs, clothes, shoes, accessories, other blushing types, etc. Please check on the shop's web page for more. EMS shipping price can range from $30 to $85 depending on the country where you live.

Please kindly be aware that there are still countries in which are still not possible to ship from Brazil due to the Pandemic situation by the Post Office (EMS), like England, Australia and Russia. It's possible to ship by DHL for these countries but shipping price is around $160.

What is a pre-order?
Pre-order is a period in which you can purchase the dolls, usually the pre-orders stay open for one week each time. And then, after the pre-order period closes your order will go into production. Due to resin BJDs being highly expensive to make and having many customizable options, the most viable option for independent artists like me and even small BJD companies is to work with pre-orders so we have the capital beforehand to be able to send the dolls to production and also because the dolls take a very long time to be made.

How long is the processing time?
These artistic ball jointed dolls are made with much love and care and are extremely time consuming due to being completely crafted by hand. They are casted in resin which is a complicated and slow process, having several little pieces (one doll has over 20 pieces), and are also hand painted. Hence the reason why they take about 3 to 9 months to be made.

Here is the detailed information of the processing time:
For pre-order Dolls: The blank dolls will be made and prepared in a period of 3 to 5 months. Dolls with face-up and/or blushing takes an extra time of 1 to 2 months (4 to 7 months total).
For in-stock Dolls & items: The order will be shipped in about 1 to 2 weeks unless a pre-order doll/item is purchased in the same order, in that case it will take the same amount of time as the item pre-ordered to be shipped.
For pre-ordered clothes & Accessories: The item(s) will be crafted and shipped in a period of 4 weeks, unless a doll is purchased in the same order. In that case the item will be shipped with the pre-ordered doll, when the latter is finished.

Do you offer Layaway?
Yes, I offer a 3 month layaway plan. But since the website doesn't support layaway, it has to be done by email, if you would like to pay using layaway, then please kindly send an e-mail to clockwork.faery.sales@gmail.com, specifying the item(s) you would like to purchase, quantity and your Paypal e-mail.
Please be aware that due to the manual aspect of layaway, limited quantity items can not be guaranteed as it may be sold out on the website before proceeding with layaway. So it's recommended to purchase the limited item(s) desired from the website first.
The invoices will be sent out automatically on Paypal on the same day every month. Please pay close attention to the date so as not to miss the payment deadline.

Are the dolls limited?There is no limited quantity of dolls per order. But clothes, accessories and face-ups can be limited. And so are the dolls from in stock sales.


What size are they?There are two dolls sizes available at the moment. The little Sprites (e.g. Alice and Moriko) which are 27cm tall (1/6 scale) and the Faeries (e.g. Fae) which are 38~41cm tall (1/4 scale).

What can they wear?
The little Sprites:
Eyes size: 24 ~ 26mm
Wig size: 9  ~ 10 inches (can wear both Pullip and Blythe size wigs).
Clothes: Blythe sized clothes, some Pullip outfits, some barbie outfits as well. It depends on the outfit, since their chest is a little smaller and their hips bigger than the average dolls in 1/6 scale, it's important to have their dimensions in mind when buying clothes: Chest: 8cm. Waist: 7.6cm. Hip: 14cm.
Shoes: Blythe, pullip and some Lati Yellow and even dal, and obitsu shoes. Feet size: 2cm

The Faeries:
Eyes Size: 12-14mm
Wig size: 6 ~ 7 inches
Clothes: Slim MSD clothes
Shoes: Slim MSD shoes (minifee shoes size). Feet size: 5.5cm