About the Dolls

Little Sprites (27 cm)


The first art ball jointed doll released by Clockwork Faery, Moriko's making process started in 2016 and was finished in 2019. Moriko means "Child of the Forest" in Japanese. A little sweet and kind deer girl. Born from roses in a beautiful and enchanting forest under the moonlight from a wish on a shooting star the little Sprites come to life.

Release date: March 20, 2019


The second sculpture released, Alice's personality is quite different from Moriko's, she is a bit sad and is always worried but she is also very sweet and specially loves hugs and cuddles. The little rabbit girl was initially inspired by Alice in Wonderland and like Moriko was born from a rose in the enchanted forest from a wish on a shooting star.

Released in January 05, 2020

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Aurora is a dreamy and sweet unicorn girl full of unconditional love,  a magical being from the dream world above the sky where wishes and dreams are created. Aurora´s name was mostly inspired by the Aurora Borealis, also called Northern lights, the wonderful and enchanting phenomenon where beautiful and magical lights dance in the sky in the darkest nights. Little Aurora is a symbol of hope, love, dreams and light.

Release date: December 24, 2021


Although Fae is the third Art Ball Jointed Doll to be released, she is the first doll I ever started to make, her project started in 2014 and has finally being finished in 2020.

Release date: October 04, 2020


Coming 2022


The Faeries and little Sprites are from the same realm, but the story of the Faeries revolves around the Clockwork Faery story, where Fae is the main protagonist.

Her story will be divided in Chapters, with each pre-order a new chapter will be told.

Faeries (38~41cm)


Chapter 1

Between the green valleys of the Summer Queendom with it’s beautiful waterfalls and the Autumn Queendom with it's deepest rich golden forests lay a very small village. 

There lived a lively, curious and free spirit fairy named Fae. Born from a Summer fairy father and an Autumn fairy mother, Fae had striking features, with chestnut silky hair, sparkly green eyes and beautiful iridescent wings with hues that reminded her of the place she belonged from greens and golden to pinks that changed as she moved through the landscape.

She loved to dance and fly through the sky the most. Thus was rare to see Fae with her feet on the ground unless needed.

Fae was ambitious and had big plans and dreams, she longed to see the world and she worked hard and studied avidly to become an ambassador of the Faery Realm, she learned different languages, studied different cultures and customs, and diplomacy. 

Chapter 2

And thus with jubilo, the day came that she became an ambassador. 
Her first journey was to go to the Human Realm, which made Fae very excited as she longed to see all the marvelous steam inventions, the huge cities and the humans that she heard so much about. 
Unfortunately fate wasn’t so kind and as soon as she ventured and flew through the mountains that separated the two realms she was caught in a great unpredictable tempest, she fought against it and was able to reach the human realm but soon enough the strength of the devastating tempest engulfed her. 

Later when the tempest was gone and only a light rain remained, Fae woke up with an excruciating pain. Her whole body ached avidly, she tried to fly to see if she could get some help but with no avail, that scared her the most and soon enough she saw that she had lost her wings. She froze and thought she was dreaming, “it was surely a nightmare, it surely couldn’t be real”. But as realization came she understood it was... very real. She lost what she loved the most, and for a long time she sat there between the broken trees and wretched landscape feeling as broken as the landscape that enveloped her. She did not mind the blood running from her back and the world seemed far away, just a shadow, a resonance of what was before, for quite some time she just stayed there, unmoving. 

Time passed, the landscape changing with the passing hours, but she did not feel it, she just thought absent minded how time and life keeps moving forward even if we don’t, and with that she also reminded herself that she was alive, or at least there. After a while, she found a bit of strength to get up and while walking through the woodland without a destination she found something that resembled... “a cottage? a human manor” she reminded herself remembering her human studies, but the manor was long abandoned and what remained was a skeleton of what once was. “A broken home to a broken faery” she thought and entered. 

Without her wings she was unable to go back to her home, and while she missed her family and her sweet dearest friend, and was now stuck in an unfamiliar place, she felt the need to be alone. Furthermore she did not had the strength to search and find them, because she had to heal, find herself first and through all the pain, for many weeks she only cared to her very basic needs, finding food, water, healing her wounds, fixing a bit of the abandoned manor so it could be livable. At first she did not pay much attention to the manor but as time passed she found herself curious as she rummaged through the place and saw many books scattered throughout the manor which she slowly tried to repair, or at least the ones that were still readable. In time she found herself more and more interested in them as many of them had the inventions that she was so curious about, before the tempest that is. One day while fixing one of the rooms she found a book about mechanical parts that made daily life more practical, later as she was reading such a book it suddenly came to her. She was going to construct mechanical wings!

But alas, even though she now had a goal in mind she did not know how to start, she had no idea of mechanics or hasn’t done much tinkering at all in her life, and the human steam inventions were very much alien to her. She read avidly all the books she could find in the manor. But there was not much
to go on. After many months in seclusion she felt quite bare even thinking about leaving the manor but she would not give up so easily. She was finally feeling like she belonged to her own skin again and had found the courage to  accept who she was now.  She knew it would be a long journey ahead, but that only sparkled even more a glimmer of hope. And so her journey began once more, a new chapter. 

“After all, we are the protagonists of our story, are we not?” She thought. And so it is. It’s up to us to have the strength to decide how our story is told and no one else’s, even and especially in the midst of adversities that storms 
our way, it’s our choice to fight, each day, each battle. 

Chapter 3

Coming 2021

About Clockwork Faery


Once upon a time there was an independent artist who created Art Ball Jointed Dolls, clothes, shoes and accessories and alas until this day she does just that! Enchanted by the magic of creation, she pours her heart and soul into making these little creations hoping to bring a smile, a heartwarming feeling and a tiny bit of happiness and magic to those who like her work. The Clockwork Faery's brand name was inspired by the first doll that she ever created, Fae.

Just like clockwork, our lives passes by
Just like clockwork, we are bound to time
But as unique as we are we choose to fly
High up above the sky
The freedom to choose, to love,
to dream... To be who we are
Is what pushes us so far


Thank you so much for your support, appreciation and kindness always!


Much love and kindest regards,


Clockwork Faery